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Choose SEO if you don’t want to be confident your customer can find you.


Getting a high ranking for your website on search engines like Google isn’t easy, keeping your high ranking is even harder. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t something static you setup and then forget about. It used to be mostly about choosing keywords and getting other websites to link to yours. Nowadays it’s about the full picture;

  • Having just a 1 second delay in page load time results in 7% less conversions, 11% fewer pageviews, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • A delay of more then 3 seconds and 40% of your (potential) customers will abandon your website and 80% will not return.

Besides the speed of your website affecting your users behaviour even more important it affects your ranking. Site Speed is one of the most important ranking algorithms used by Google. Regardless of how good looking and user friendly your website is, a slow website means you’re fighting a losing battle. While speed is important it’s just a small portion of SEO. Our engineers have experience with SEO and together with help from you can build a winning strategy that get’s you where you want to be.

Why choose WP Hogs for SEO?

You don’t have to deal with anything SEO related. Based on your exact needs and where you want your website to go we will build a SEO strategy to get you there. Every 3 months we’ll discuss your strategy and revise where necessary.

Having an in house team dedicated to SEO is very expensive, especially for start-ups. We already have a team in place dealing with SEO for a majority of our clients. Outsourcing your SEO gains you the expertise of our team at only a fraction the cost of having your own team.

SEO is a cost-effective strategy because it targets people that actively search for your products or services. You aren’t wasting money on getting in front of people who aren’t interested in your business. Your money goes toward driving traffic interested in your organization.

Every SEO strategy should be tailor made for your website and needs. Based on your input and a audit of your website our SEO experts devise a plan to help you reach your goals. Once every 3 months we go over your strategy to see if it still meets all the criteria.

Your own personal SEO expert gives you the ability to get in contact whenever you need to discuss changes in your strategy.

Our SEO dashboard gives you an immediate overview into the progress we’ve made implementing or maintaining your strategy.

As with any of our services we also offer a white-label solution for agencies. All reports and dashboards shared with your clients will be provided with your logo and company name while all support goes through us.

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