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WordPress support plans suitable for every type of website.


We will managed all aspects of your website, 24/7.


Our weekly reports provide you full transparency into your website, updates, security, backups and performance.

Keeping plugins/themes updated adds to the security of your website. We make sure this happens each week on a time you have the least amount of visitors.

We have a global network of engineers that work around the clock, including weekends. If something happens with your website that needs our immediate attention you can rest assured we take care of it.

Automated checks make sure your website is always available to your customers. If something would happen we will be working on a solution within minutes.

Daily backups of your core files and database are stored in a secured Google Cloud Storage. If anything ever happens you’ll always have access.

Google Analytics can give you better insights in the behaviour of your customers. We can connect your website while conforming to privacy regulations.

Make the smart choice to have us deal with all the technical details of running your website. Whether it’s hosting or promotion, we got you covered. Click here to see our addons.

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Besides keeping your website updated in terms of content and software we build a custom security setup suitable to keep your website secure.

COMES INCLUDED WITH: Everything from the standard plan + the following;

Are you on the road a lot or don’t have time learning WordPress? We can manage the content on your website for you 24/7.

A malicious actor only needs to be successful once to destroy your reputation. To protect your reputation you need to be successful all the time. You can trust us to protect your website 24/7.

Twice daily backups of your core files and database are stored in a secured Google Cloud Storage. If anything ever happens you’ll always have access.

With this plan comes a subscription to a premium WordPress plugin to proactively protect your website against hackers, spam and malware.

Make the smart choice to have us deal with all the technical details of running your website. Whether it’s hosting or promotion, we got you covered. Click here to see our addons.

BUY $144/mo

Billed monthly

BUY $132/mo

Billed annually



Giant Hog

If your online presence is your core business this plan is for you. If you’re running an e-commerce, video, e-learning  or any other type of WordPress website where performance and availability are mission critical.

COMES INCLUDED WITH: Everything from the advanced plan + the following;

All requests get delivered into a VIP queue which results in faster response times. Extremely useful for any business that needs their content updates to happen quickly.

There’s a lot you can do to achieve faster loading times. Our engineers deal with this on a daily basis and will help you get the most out of your website’s response times.

Tweaking the WordPress code only gets you so far. Our premium plugin automates compression of static content so that your users, for example, are served with the correct image sizes.

4 times daily backups of your core files and database are stored in a secured Google Cloud Storage. If anything ever happens you’ll always have access.

From desktops to smartphones, your users expect a similar experience no matter the screen size. Our engineers will help optimize your website to different screen sizes.

If your website ends up getting infected with malware we’ll mitigate the damage by cleaning out any malicious activity and we’ll implement measures to prevent it happening again.

Make the smart choice to have us deal with all the technical details of running your website. Whether it’s hosting or promotion, we got you covered. Click here to see our addons.

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The table below gives you an easy overview of what’s included in our plans. Of course you can always contact us if your needs are somewhat different. We’ll get you an estimate based on your requirements.

Standard Advanced Elite
Weekly reports
Weekly plugin/theme & file updates
Emergency support
24/7 uptime monitoring
Daily cloud backups 1* p/day 2* p/day 4* p/day
Google Analytics
Unlimited website edits, 24/7
Security optimization
Premium security plugin
Priority support
Speed optimization
Premium optimization plugins
Responsive optimization (multi display)
Malware removal
Add-ons available
Price (billed monthly) €64,- €144,- €194,-
Price (billed yearly) €58,- €132,- €177,-


Want to enjoy 1 month free hosting? Sign up for a yearly plan now.

Choose hosting if you don’t want to worry about anything technical.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Have you researched your hosting provider before trusting them with one of the most important assets of your business?

  • How reliable is their service?
  • How do they handle (security) updates?
  • What’s their response time to questions?
  • Where are their servers located and how does that affect your users privacy?
  • How many customers are put on one server?
  • Do they have, and what is their backup strategy?

These are just a couple of questions you should ask any hosting provider before trusting with your business asset and your users data. We pride ourselves in being completely transparent towards anyone about everything we do.

All WordPress websites we host for our clients are run on recent hardware in any of our 24 regional Tier 3* datacenter around the globe.

Unfortunately, since every website has different requirements, we are currently unable to give you an estimate on our website. If you fill out our form we will get in contact with you to discuss the possibilities.

* 99.982% guaranteed availability

Just some of the benefits of choosing WP Hogs Managed Hosting

You no longer have to deal with multiple parties or worry about anything technical. We make sure that your website and underlying infrastructure keeps running, secure and fast.

Our infrastructure is setup in such a way that it automatically scales horizontally with the needs of your website. Not only helps this save you money by not having a huge server sit idle most of the time it also improves on speed and reliability.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps you speed up content delivery significantly. Instead of storing all content on 1 central server we move copies of static content to servers around the world close to your users. By putting HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos on servers close to your users you limit the time it takes to load your website.

Each time a visitor tries to reach your website a request to a DNS server is sent. The answer to this request tells the computer exactly how your website can be reached. The faster the answer from DNS reaches the visitor the faster your website starts loading.

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing algorithm used for the speedy delivery of website content that advertises individual IP addresses on multiple nodes. We make sure that requests are send to a DNS server geographically close to the visitor. Because the distance is kept small the answer is getting back to the visitor much quicker then in a traditional DNS setup.

If you choose to have us manage your DNS infrastructure we will secure your DNS zones with DNSSEC which is a recommended practice. The benefits of adding DNSSEC to your zone are;

DNSSEC strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public key cryptography. With DNSSEC, it’s not DNS queries and responses themselves that are cryptographically signed, but rather DNS data itself is signed by the owner of the data.

DNSSEC adds two important features to the DNS protocol:

  • Data origin authentication allows a resolver to cryptographically verify that the data it received actually came from the zone where it believes the data originated.
  • Data integrity protection allows the resolver to know that the data hasn’t been modified in transit since it was originally signed by the zone owner with the zone’s private key.

Redis and object caching can vastly speed up your WordPress page load times with each subsequent visit. Remote Dictionary Server (Redis) “is an open source, in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.” It’s a key-value store which is often called a NoSQL database. It’s best used on dynamic websites such as WordPress sites when it comes to object caching, which caches repeating query results.

At WP Hogs we care a lot about security and privacy, an SSL certificate helps you with both. By encrypting data to and from your website it protects the data from being read by a malicious actor. To emphasize the importance of a SSL certificate, Google has announced that not having one will affect your ranking. By default a standard SSL certificate is included with webhosting but depending on the kind of website this may not be enough. If for whatever reason you are required to have an EV SSL certificate let us know.

All WordPress websites we host for our clients are hosted on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) which consists of 24 regions worldwide. Each region has availability zones, and each zone has its own data center. Each data center has its own hardware. Together with you we determine what’s the best region and availability zones to choose from.

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Getting a high ranking for your website on search engines like Google isn’t easy, keeping your high ranking is even harder. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t something static you setup and then forget about. It used to be mostly about choosing keywords and getting other websites to link to yours. Nowadays it’s about the full picture;

  • Having just a 1 second delay in page load time results in 7% less conversions, 11% fewer pageviews, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • A delay of more then 3 seconds and 40% of your (potential) customers will abandon your website and 80% will not return.

Besides the speed of your website affecting your users behaviour even more important it affects your ranking. Site Speed is one of the most important ranking algorithms used by Google. Regardless of how good looking and user friendly your website is, a slow website means you’re fighting a losing battle. While speed is important it’s just a small portion of SEO. Our engineers have experience with SEO and together with help from you can build a winning strategy that get’s you where you want to be.

Why choose WP Hogs for SEO?

You don’t have to deal with anything SEO related. Based on your exact needs and where you want your website to go we will build a SEO strategy to get you there. Every 3 months we’ll discuss your strategy and revise where necessary.

Having an in house team dedicated to SEO is very expensive, especially for start-ups. We already have a team in place dealing with SEO for a majority of our clients. Outsourcing your SEO gains you the expertise of our team at only a fraction the cost of having your own team.

SEO is a cost-effective strategy because it targets people that actively search for your products or services. You aren’t wasting money on getting in front of people who aren’t interested in your business. Your money goes toward driving traffic interested in your organization.

Every SEO strategy should be tailor made for your website and needs. Based on your input and a audit of your website our SEO experts devise a plan to help you reach your goals. Once every 3 months we go over your strategy to see if it still meets all the criteria.

Your own personal SEO expert gives you the ability to get in contact whenever you need to discuss changes in your strategy.

Our SEO dashboard gives you an immediate overview into the progress we’ve made implementing or maintaining your strategy.

As with any of our services we also offer a white-label solution for agencies. All reports and dashboards shared with your clients will be provided with your logo and company name while all support goes through us.

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