Did your WordPress website got hacked? Don’t wait any longer…


Wordpress hacked

If your website got hacked, whether it’s a disgruntled (ex)employee or an malicious actor, you need to act quickly. While your first instinct might be to restore a back-up and get your website up and running, this is not the right approach to take. While getting the website back online should be a priority, your first priority should be to make sure your server nor your website can do any harm to visitors or other servers by distributing harmful code. Once you’re sure others are safe you can start making a plan of gathering evidence and get the website restored.

At WP Hogs we know how to deal with these type of situations. We know how to guide you, to get up and running again quickly while still maintaining evidence for law enforcement and mitigating any further damage to your reputation. Besides helping you recover from an attack we also help you reduce the probability of a future hack.

Having immediate performance issues with your WordPress website?


Wordpress performanceThere’s a number of reasons a website could behave poorly in terms of performance, while some are easy to rule out others might require in depth knowledge of the software, hardware and operating system.

At WP Hogs we have a team of specialized engineers that are knowledgeable on the subject and have years of experience troubleshooting these type of issues. We can help you get to the bottom of what’s causing the performance issues and come up with a solution in no time. Once we’ve determined the cause we will either implement a solutions immediately or we will discuss a solution with you.

We’ve helped many of website owners and agencies get a peace of mind regarding their website(s)…



We are a managed cloud service provider for mid and large sized businesses. We are well versed in the technical aspects of managing a website, the webserver, the database and even the WordPress software. We chose however to focus on the things we know best and love doing and let others handle what they do best. Managing the content of our website is one of the things WP Hogs can do better then we can. If any of our content needs changing we send an email to WP Hogs and they take care of it.

Masters in Cloud



We specialize in designing websites for clients, which is our core business. We chose WP Hogs to provide support to our clients after we’ve delivered their websites to them. Our customers couldn’t be happier. Since support or maintenance to our clients websites isn’t our core business it sometimes took a while before we had time to look at their issues. Since WP Hogs has taken over we can rest assured that our clients are taken care off immediately.